19th Century Tunes

Click below to get gif files of some 19th Century Tunes from old books I own. These are 200 dpi gif files and should print fine at 100%.

Mandolin Picture Gallery - Old photos featuring mandolin players

Old newspaper article I found in an old tune book. Why girls should play the mandolin.

Old mandolin catalogs – Luigi Ricca (NY) and May Flower (Chicago) both circa 1901.

The Tunes
The tunes from Charles Brunover's Miniature Masterpieces for Mandolin Meadowbrook
Melody in A
When Twilight Falls (one D string is retuned)
from A Variety of Mandolin Music Petite Bolero by Angy Palumbo
  Pettine Duo style preparatory exercises.
These are two tunes arranged for 2 mandolins and guitar published by Century Publishing in 1903.
Some of the waltz pages from a tattered book called Howe's Diamond School for the Violin by Elias Howe from Boston.
Three schottisches (the first two from a mandolin tutor):
A composition dated 1915 by Felix Arndt (not quite 19C)
Two-part tango for mandolin duet from 1934
A polka transcribed by Jim Garber from Italian String Virtuosi (Rounder 1095) (improved typeset version by Plamen Ivanov) Calabrisella Mia.
A beautiful Italian Waltz (Mandolin 1) Speranze Perdute
Polka-Marcia from an undated Italian mandolin folio. Trottolina
Some tunes from Hamilton's Imperial Mandolin Instructor (1898) method book (Mandolin 1 + accompaniment):
Polka Brillante by E. Becucci (2 mandolins + guitar):
A few Ragtime tunes from 1911, both for 1st Mandolin:
Four Mandolin solo pieces using altered tunings:
Two Step by Arthur Pryor, 1897 Ye Boston Tea Party

Two Ragtime pieces by Jas. A. Johnstone, 1916 (associated with the Gibson Company):

Bizzosa by E. Beccucci (O. Pagani)
Polka Studio by Giuseppe Silverstri (O. Pagani)
Giuseppina al Mare by G. Tarantola (O. Pagani)
Tra Veglia e Sonno by Luigi Canora (O. di Bella)

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